How to Start a Successful Web Design and Development Freelancing Business

Starting a web design and developing freelance business are serious undertakings that require proper planning and the employment of special skills.

This is because both undertakings demand a degree of tenacity, diligence and the ambition to be self-employed. You will also need to be skilled in the field because along the way, you will have to make crucial decisions which may impact the success and growth of the enterprise. You may, therefore, need to take stock of some actions that are hereby discussed, if you want to be successful in finding and properly managing clients and working as a freelancer.

Getting Familiarized With Freelancing

It is obvious that before you become or own an agency that is full of designers, you will have to start as an independent freelancer.

Skipping this important part will deny you the opportunity to effectively be your own boss and manage all aspects of your business. This stage also demands sitting down to calculate the start-up cost. You should prepare a list of basic equipment needed for the freelance business. The cost of hosting the website and registering the domain name must also be factored.

You may also consider getting a dedicated desk, business cards printed, new software and stationery supply, among others, and the cost that follows them. To cut down on costs, you may consider free and popular web design software such as Coda, Adobe Dreamweaver, Aptana, and Espresso. All these software will give you a window period of 30 days for familiarization.

Establishing Your Brand

At this point, you must decide how you are going to brand yourself. You can consider using your name as your brand, as this is a common trend among most freelance web designers.

Using your name as your brand can also give personal attachment between you and the client. This is because clients will tend to think that they are engaging an individual- someone with more flexibility, availability and malleable with price negotiations.

You may also make a formal name for your business if you contemplate a business that would become much bigger in the future. The guiding principle that should inform your decision is the desired public perception.

Creating Your Portfolio

You should identify something you will use to showcase your expertise, direct people and seal the desired deal. At the very least, your website should clearly convey the services you offer, some of the most impressionable work you have done and your contact information.

This may demand that you choose your resources for developing your portfolio. At this point, you may consider portfolio templates from ThemeForest. Templates that fall within this consideration include HTML, WordPress and a group of additional CMS themes. There are many themes to choose from, at this point.

Developing a Sales Cycle

Being an outstanding web designer will not be profitable at all if it is not followed up with competent and strategic plans to sell your product.

This means that you will have to formalize your sales cycle, as this is the very process for cultivating relationships with clients, gaining prospects, fulfilling the expectations of the market, according to the service, to the right audience and nurturing a strategic and symbiotic relationship with potential and prospective clients.

This step above requires the identification of your ideal client and their location, summarizing what you offer, identifying the needs of the market, explaining how you meet these needs and demonstrating how you have in times past, met such needs.

Finding Your Community

You may consider following people on online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The people being followed must be in a similar situation and with something to offer. In these platforms, you may answer questions fielded by people in need, or sign up for RSS updates on questions from web design and development boards each day. This measure will help you nurture your expertise and assist those in need of your services.

Task Management

Choose task management apps that will help you execute the main tasks on your website. TeuxDeux, Things and Omni Outliner are just some of the candidates for your consideration.

Modernize Your System of Agreements

Since business is done on the run nowadays, optimize your signing experience using Electronic Signatures for mobile so that you and your clients can sign at any time from anywhere, on any device.

Save additional errors, money and time by automating and connecting entire agreement processes. Embed electronic signing and payment requests into your applications, existing websites, and portals.

Evidently, starting a web design and developing freelance business is a serious undertaking. Even the facets that are associated with web design and freelance business such as searching for new clients, learning how to freelance and steadying up the business through newer and higher heights are complex undertakings in themselves. It is therefore important that you plan well and allocate enough resources to it.

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Top Reasons Why Your Business Website Needs A Blog

It is easier running a business if you can find innovative and effective ways to market your products.

It is no secret that in today’s digital age the best and easiest way to attract new customers is by building and expanding your online presence. If you own a business already, you must have asked yourself if creating a blog would be worth your time, money and effort.

The short answer is yes, absolutely!

Although blogging can take up some of your time, it is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance your marketing efforts, drive more traffic to your online store and establish your brand as an industry leader.

According to some statistics produced by Hubspot, 57% of the businesses that added an active blog to their site reported to have gained more customers. In this same study, 81% of companies say that their blog has been a critical part of their revenue growth.

What exactly are the benefits of a business blog with respect to marketing and revenue?

Drives Traffic To Your Website

Every serious business today has an operating website promoting their products or services. But exactly how often are these pages updated? Blogging helps in adding fresh content.

It is important to constantly update your website, and blogging is the direct solution to this need. Every time you publish a new blog post, it becomes one more indexed page on your website.

The more posts you create, the more pages are indexed, and the more traffic to your site you may get, especially if the posts are diversified and relevant to your business. The more indexed pages you have, the more opportunities to show up in search engine results and drive potential customers to your website.

Blogging tells search engines like Google and Bing that your website is not just a floating boat in the world wide web, but an active Internet property offering valuable content to readers. This signals search engines that your site is active and liked, and that they need to check it often for new content.

Publishing blog posts and articles regularly can also help you get discovered and stay active in social media channels. Every time you write a compelling article and share it in your social accounts, there is a chance your fans share it as well with their friends, potentially making it go viral. This will expose your products or services to a larger audience that can become your next clients down the line.

Blogs Can Convert Into Leads

First, let us define what a lead is.

In online marketing, “lead generation” is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry for the products and services offered by a business. Leads can be generated by techniques like building a mailing list, collecting emails for a newsletter subscription, online PPC ads and SEO campaigns.

Just as every new blog post is another opportunity to get noticed by the search engines, a new post is also a bridge for you to generate new leads. That is why you can add some call-to-action in your posts, as your posts not only offer free information to the reader, but also the possibility to enter a business transaction or make a purchase.

These calls-to-action are often added to online content as offers for free trial, info webinars, tutorials, e-books, survey or fact sheets. Typically online businesses offer an enticing piece of information in exchange for their readers’ email information, so that they can be added to their emailing list.

You can offer a free ebook in exchange for a visitor’s name and email address. You can then use this information for later marketing campaigns, when you have a new product or if you run a promotion. This will certainly raise interest in your emailing list.

Position Your Business As An Industry Leader

blogger screenPosting well written articles that resonate with your audience shows your are an expert in your field. This can demonstrate your business as an industry leader and gain the trust of many consumers.

Take as an example. Runnersworld initially started as a “Distance Running News” site and later morphed into an international publication. And because they had established an active blog posting informative articles under diverse categories, they managed to define themselves as one of the leading information go-tos for running athletes.

With the sponsorship they have nowadays, we know this business is very profitable by now, and this is not in small part due to their blogging activity.

Builds Customer Relationship

Blogging is another way for you to improve your relationship with your customers. You can easily update them about promo discounts or anything interesting happening within your company. Consumers like to be informed and will appreciate any informational resource that they can use later on.

Additionally your clients can leave their comments and interact with you at a personal level. This makes it convenient for them to inquire about your published information and possibly ask additional questions about your products that you can respond to directly on the blog.

In conclusion, building a website is not enough. By consistently publishing informative and well written blog posts, you shall establish yourself as an authority in your industry, drive potential customers to your website and develop a stronger consumer-buyer relationship. Hence blogging must be part of your marketing arsenal for a greater success online.

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The benefits of guest posting

guest posting in SEO
If you are reading this post, you probably know the difficulty of getting links as an affiliate marketer or business owner.

As was recently explained in a webinar about links, there are almost no natural links in 2016. This is the irony of Google’s algorithm which is supposedly based on natural linking. There were some natural links in 1997, but not that many nowadays, thank you Larry and Sergey.

So what are the most useful links you should try to get? Some believe there is no such thing as a bad link. The reason is that if such damaging links existed, then your competitors could use them to link to you, hoping for a negative effect on your rankings.

If you agree with this theory then the worse that could happen to one of your links is to carry no value at all in the search engines’ eyes. Thus each link category has its pros and cons and some are more valuable or desirable than others. In this post we are going to specifically discuss the benefits of links within guest posts.

Blogs are effective tools that can have a tremendous impact on your traffic if you know how to use them. A guest post is a post that you make on another webmaster’s blog. This is a type of exchange, where the webmaster gets content and you get a link.

Note that this is a white hat method, assuming it was not paid for. It is a very precious attribute in itself as there are few white hat methods available nowadays, and white hat is the sound route for long-term results. There is always demand for good content, so if you can write or outsource such quality content, you should be able to find webmasters eager to publish it.

Some webmasters may ask for a minimal one-time fee to publish your guest post. The justification is that the market value of a link is usually considered higher than the cost of outsourcing a great article. Another practice is when two webmasters swap guest posts among their network, without making a payment.

If you pay to make a guest post, is it black hat then? As far as black hat goes, this is the lightest black hat link you will ever see. To our knowledge it is very rare for Google to catch such paid links, unless a webmaster extensively abuses his network by making obvious link sales or by openly advertising such service.

Another important attribute of a guest post is that it is permanent. At least it is supposed to be! So if you consider using guest posts, make sure you are dealing with a genuine reliable webmaster who is there for the long term, preferably an expert in his field.

Some borderline scammers buy dropped domains with good metrics and repackage them as wordpress blogs, massively selling guest posts. Once it is time to pay for the registration renewal fee, they simply do not renew the domain registration, and your link will vanish.

It is usually safer to pay a bit more and get published at a reputable niche blog with good traffic. Even if the owner sells his site at a later time, archived posts are usually kept as such, so the chance is low that your link will be removed in the future.

Alternatively you can swap posts with another webmaster in your niche and save money. Note that another reason to use guest posting is that by doing so you will develop or improve your own network of friends in your sector of activity. It is important to have such trusted friends as you can help each other in the future.

One more advantage of guest posts is that you can choose the exact anchor and URL you want to use. This is not so for all links, so do not miss the opportunity to link to your targeted keyword. Furthermore the link will be within the content itself and not in a footer, sidebar, link page, or site wide.

This feature adds value to such a link as Google can detect in-content editorial links. Big G loves them and gives them more weight in their ranking calculation. Also Google usually indexes wordpress blog posts very rapidly, this is another benefit of this type of link.

guest postingTechnically, the goal of making the post is that you get one domain link, one c-class IP link and a well anchored contextual link, all important factors in your link profile. But long-term link juice in itself is not normally to be expected from a guest post. If you publish a quality post at a reputable blog, it may even get republished from the RSS feed, adding more links to your profile.

So in conclusion guest posting is absolutely a technique that must be included in your link building arsenal. We have been using it with success for our clients for the past ten years here at

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