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If you answered yes, then you just found the marketing agency that will multiply your online sales.

Keep on reading to learn what we can do to boost your online sales.


Our specialty for the past 10 years has been to reverse engineer search engines and learn what makes them tick, so that we can deliver strong results and increased brand awareness to our clients.

What sets us apart is that we have a long experience and high technical knowhow: our founder started amazon arbitrage in 2003, then moved to full time SEO in 2008; armed with a Doctorate in Statistics from a US Ivy League University, he conducted research in Computer Science while elaborating his PhD thesis.

No wonder our focus is highly technical with a scientific methodology. More so than any other SEO agency. As Search Engine Optimization is getting more and more complex, it requires well-trained quantitative brains to achieve top rankings and to maintain them.  


We are great at understanding how to increase your sales. This is our main goal. And here is how:


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

These guys are great. Comperio removed all the guess work with a clear plan of action to bring our business to the next level.

They followed the plan and helped us reach new heights, and we are still using them today.

Rob Kolinski, Online Entrepreneur

We had hired an SEO company before, but they used the wrong methods and our site rankings tanked. We were quite desperate to be honest.

The team at comperio helped us clean our backlinks and remove the penalty we had. From there the rankings kept on improving.

Steven Mayer, Internet Marketer

We used this company for our online reputation management.

We are very happy with their work, always professional and efficient.

Lisa Wang, Communication Director


In a nutshell, SEO is the methodology to help a website rank high in search engines for specific queries. So for example if a company is offering legal services from Glasgow, they would like to be one of the first results mentioned by google when someone types “top Glasgow attorneys”. Or a roofing company based in Saint Albans hopes to be listed first for the query “St Albans roofing”.

How is it done, you may ask?

Keep on reading to find out.

Ranking high is achieved first of all by understanding how google decides to rank one website rather than another site at the top and the other lower positions on their result pages. Understanding google is not just our job, it is our hobby, and we have spent the past ten years experimenting and testing what works best to achieve such top rankings.

SEO is mostly made of 2 parts, onsite and offsite optimization.

Onsite optimization

This part consists in making your website pages loved by google. And what does google love above all?

a great customer experience.

If the people who visit your site find what they were looking for and are happy about it, this is mission accomplished for the search engines. On the other hand if visitors to your site do not like what they see and bounce back into google to find another result page, this is bad news for you.

Onsite optimization includes providing the best content, services or products that your potential customers are looking for. It also involves an easy to navigate and understand website, clear call to actions, a beautiful web design, informative articles, in-depth and authoritative content and a professional look. As well as more technical aspects like site speed, no broken links, html code without errors, and more.

Offsite optimization

This part consists in sending links to your website. At the core of the google algorithm as it was formulated more than twenty years ago (google was founded in 1998) are backlinks. A link to your site is considered as a vote of confidence to your business website, and this has not changed since the 90’s.

Of course search engines have developed complex mathematical formulas to gauge how they should rank a website, but quality backlinks from a variety of reputable sources remain the main reason why your site will rise in the search rankings. And this is what we excel at providing.

Google has a certain idea of what the backlinks of a top ranking site should look like, and this is exactly when we can offer you so you can

reach the top of page one and reap the benefits of becoming a dominating brand.