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Comperio Ltd is your digital agency based in London, UK.

We are specialized in SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (Adwords, and other pay per click channels), email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and local marketing. We can help your business grow with all forms of online marketing methodologies.

Our goal is to share our expertise of the Internet to help small and medium-size businesses like yours grow their presence on the Web. With more than twelve years of experience generating traffic for our clients’ websites, we know well how online marketing works, and we can design a plan that fits your specific needs to grow your traffic.

In this modern day and age, businesses need not only a well-designed website but more importantly, a strategy to gain a leading position and a remarkable reputation online. This is where our company comes in the picture, bringing you the success and recognition you deserve, thanks to our know-how in digital marketing.

We can advise you with website design, audit, paid and organic traffic management, video marketing, local and mobile marketing, youtube channels, outreach and expansion planning, or even email marketing campaigns. Only by using a wide net will you harvest the maximum traffic that your business is seeking.

about comperio

Comperio Ltd was founded by Olivier Nimeskern, PhD. Olivier has a doctorate from Columbia University, where his research focused on mathematical and computer science modeling.

While immersed in this elite research group, he became more and more intrigued by the Internet and its behavior and focused some of his research on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From this enlightening journey was born Comperio Ltd, a leader in advanced Search SEO.

London SEO

For Olivier and his team at Comperio, SEO is not just a job, it is a passion and a hobby, and we are passionate about understanding how Google and other search engines work, and how they decide to rank websites. We have tested many ranking strategies, and we always follow the latest developments in search engine and algorithm updates. This is why you are guaranteed always to get the best performing methodologies.

Comperio is a Latin word meaning “learn/discover/find (by investigation); verify/know for certain.” And this is precisely what SEO is all about, keeping updated on the latest techniques to better understand and use search engines.

The point is that SEO is learned in the trenches, and not in the schoolbooks. As the search engines keep on changing, fine-tuning and refining their ranking algorithms, the methods that worked a few years ago or even last year, may not perform anymore. Only by staying at the forefront of online marketing and constantly testing are we able to provide the best results to our clients.

SEO and the other various forms of online marketing are our specialties. So if this is the type of service you are looking for, you could not be in better hands than with Comperio.

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