How we do competitor analysis and reverse engineering

With 15 years of expertise in SEO, we have analyzed thousands of websites, including their backlink profiles, their content and their design. And we have seen everything under the sun, from top-notch high quality businesses to the most spammy automated backlinks and content.

This knowledge and experience gives us a great edge, as we can decipher any niche and understand rapidly what the main players are doing. But how do we conduct a competitor analysis?

The backlink profile

By just perusing a backlink profile, we already get a very good idea of what type of backlinks a website has acquired; so here is a list of the top 10 types of backlinks:

  1. High quality reference links: a link on,, or is considered a reference link; it does not matter if it is do follow or no follow, Google trusts these high authority sites; they are the most precious links to earn, and the hardest to get.
  2. High quality citations: some directories and citations are also highly trusted by Google; if you have a link from or, Google sees it as proof that your business is legitimate.
  3. High quality guest posts: getting backlinks from high ranking websites in your niche is yet another way to improve your backlink profile in a white hat way; for example if you own a US moving company, a link at is very valuable, as is a top website in a related industry.
  4. Social links: linking from social business pages such as or will add another layer of reputation in Google’s eyes.
  5. Press release links: press releases are also part of a good backlink arsenal, as this is what top sites do, such as or; but here quality matters, only use the best press release providers (check this).
  6. Review site links: reviews on review sites such as or are expected to help as well; their reinforce legitimacy.
  7. Web 2.0: now we are entering the lowest quality types of backlinks; Web 2.0 backlinks are a thing of the past, and any SEO agency promoting these is doing a disservice to its customers.
  8. PBN links: so-called PBN links are part of black hat SEO; we can recognize PBN links at the blink of an eye; they may work sometimes, but they are toxic, so keep away from them.
  9. low quality links: next we have the spammiest types of backlinks, such as blog comments, profile links or low quality links on foreign sites (Korean, Russian, Chinese, etc); they are of no use and could even hurt your website!
  10. Automated spammy links: finally, at the bottom of our list, we have the spammiest of all links, the automated spammy links; there are tools that can automatically send thousands of links on link farm pages, such as the GSA tool; these are to be avoided like the plague.

Competitor analysis

Every niche is different, from lawyers, movers, plumbers to e-commerce, gaming sites, the list is long.

The first step in any of our projects is to decipher and reverse engineer the SEO work done on the top 10 sites for the main queries of our clients.

So we know what the big guys have been doing! Did they use black hat? Did they use PBNs or spammy links? In this case, it should be easy to beat them with our white hat approach.

But even if they mainly used white hat techniques, we can still beat them. By employing the same techniques they used, just better and in more quantity if needed!

Web design

Does the design and look of a website matters? Of course it does!

Sometimes we can see old school type design websites ranking high in the organic search results, but this is so 1990!

As user experience and bounce rate are ranking factors with a high weighting, and as websites keep on getting and looking better and better, a website with a poor design and navigability is not at an advantage in the modern Internet landscape.

Part of our competitors’ research is to study their layout and design to see what works for them. We make sure our clients get a good-looking and user-friendly website, so that they are on an even field with the top ranking websites in their niche.

Keyword analysis

Another part of our market research is to define the most targeted keywords for our customers. Precise targeting is needed so that most of the traffic comes from qualified buyers.

We may also get traffic from surfers seeking information about our niche, and this is good too as this reinforces our authority in the niche. And who knows, these users seeking helpful information may decide to make a purchase at a later time.

In a nutshell

We conduct market research and competitor analysis for all our clients and this is the first step of our services.

This provides us a clear picture of the landscape in Google organic results, and every customer and niche is different!

From there, we create a marketing plan, which depends on the niche and the website stage. Some of our customers’ sites are new, some are established, most of the time they require content optimization, sometimes they need to recover after their organic rankings have dropped.

That’s why all our services are tailored to your situation, so that you get the best chance to rank on page 1, preferably in the top 3.Or why not, number one!.

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The importance of good hosting in SEO

web servers
Here at comperio we have been using various webhosting companies over the past twelve years. In total we tested over nearly 50 different web hosting service providers and we are currently using about 30 of them.

We have been hosted on many hosts over time both for our own portfolio of websites and for some of our clients. Web hosting is an integral part of our SEO work and the servers where your website is hosted will have a direct effect on your website’s performance and long-term efficiency.

Speed, downtime, support, server maintenance, security and risk of hacking, backup options, addon services, hosting options, data centers and user-friendliness of the front-end are just some of the factors to take into consideration when deciding which host to pick.

Why you need a good web hosting

As we have been running websites for more than a decade by now, we have seen our fair share of what can go right and what can go wrong as far as hosting services are concerned.

This is why we wanted to share our knowledge and experience with you. When we started we had no idea there could be so much difference from one hosting company to the next. No, web hosting companies are not made equal and it is crucial to only choose one of the best providers for a successful online business to thrive.

If you run an online business, you should not have to worry if your site is safely hosted or not. Only rely on trustworthy reliable web hosting service providers for this decisive function.

Creating a website involves making certain decisions, such as how it will be hosted. Many people ask our marketing agency: how to choose hosting? These clients do not always know the various options available to them or do not know which one to choose.

Budget, goals and skills weigh in the balance to make final choice. Hosting is important because it impacts areas such as site display or natural referencing. Thus, it is crucial for good web ranking.

Let’s see now how to choose your hosting, then its importance on SEO.

How to choose your web hosting

First, let’s define web hosting.

The host is the service provider administering the server where your site or application lives. A server is a machine comparable to a very powerful computer with multi-processor. Present in different forms (Blade, Rack, Tower), its role is to respond to a customer request.

Hosting offered on the market can take different forms. When choosing an option, certain criteria must be taken into account. It can depend on the required throughput, the expected traffic, or the technical skills required for maintenance.

Own your own server

Not everyone knows that, but it is indeed possible for you to have your own servers on your premises.

From the outset, there will be a higher cost for the purchase of physical server, but then a much lower monthly cost. Even if there are now micro-servers, a large number of servers require appropriate layout. This then requires controlling the temperature and humidity present in the storage room, for example.

Besides the physical side, having your own servers requires very good technical knowledge for installing, managing and maintaining them. This is a profession in its own right. An option not possible without good qualifications in the field and the required staff.

Free hosting

Possible thanks to platforms like, it might not be suitable to all types of project. An option to favor for projects like a showcase site of a few pages or for a simple blog that does not require extensive services.

Freeware has certain constraints such as the presence of advertising which makes it possible to finance the platform.

Personalization is relatively limited and security is not as high as with a paid server. It is also best to inquire about their backup policy as this feature is not always offered. Note also that the name of the site is presented as a sub-domain of the platform that offers it.

This is not an optimal solution for an e-commerce site or a showcase site deploying many functionalities.

Shared, VPS, Cloud or Dedicated: how to choose your paid hosting

Shared hosting

This is a widely used solution, where your site is hosted on a physical server and IP address shared with other clients. This is the most economical option. No configuration is required, but the possibilities are greater than for free hosting.

However, this type of hosting limits access to server configurations.

In addition, sharing the server affects the connection. For example, the use of all resources by all clients at the same time would affect the speed of the server and therefore slow page loading. Likewise, if one of the clients is blacklisted, the entire server may be penalized and affect all of the client sites present on it.

It is a good solution for a limited budget or for a site that does not plan to become too big or too active.

VPS hosting – Virtual private server

Often considered as an alternative between shared and dedicated, this method is often mentioned when asking how to choose your hosting. It is a question of having a virtual server present on a physical server.

This physical server contains several virtual servers which belong to different client sites. Unlike a shared server, resources are not shared and it is possible to have greater control of the server. The cost also varies and is often a little higher.

Thanks to this choice, an evolution is always possible.

Dedicated hosting

In the case of dedicated hosting, the price is higher but the server is not shared at all.

in this option you have at your disposal an entire physical server. We will not suffer from the influence of other sites. This is a good solution when you generate a lot of traffic and prefer to have full access to the server configurations and great stability.

This solution involves some internal skills such as knowing how to manage network access and maintenance. Either you have the skills in-house or you outsource it, which will come at an additional cost.

Cloud hosting also called cloud hosting

Increasingly used in the past few years, cloud hosting is often compared to VPS.

Cloud hosting uses several different servers and not just one physical which allows you to be constantly active if needed.

If one server fails, another one will take over. This also helps to provide a good load distribution if the traffic increases significantly. This is an adaptive option with a possible evolution. In addition, the cloud is advantageous for developers because it is flexible according to the coding languages ​​used.

However, this type of accommodation can still be quite expensive.

Hosting and SEO

Few clients think about it, but hosting and natural referencing are indeed linked.

To the question how to choose your hosting, we could therefore answer: by also thinking of the impacts on SEO on your site, your goals and needs. Indeed, SEO does not simply go through an optimization of pages and keywords. Below are some elements to pay attention to.

First of all, it is preferable that the hosting has good security and an HTTPS protocol, as search engines mainly refer Internet users to pages they deem secure.

Next, the loading speed of your pages is an increasingly important factor.

For example, a shared server can slow down page loading speed, which can have several negative effects, both on search engine robots and on the Internet users. The user can leave the site because it is not pleasant to wait too long. In addition, speed is a known factor within Google’s algorithm. Too slow sites are never on the 1st page of results!

Finally, check that the server hosting your site is preferably in the same country as you are. Or at least as your target customers.

Search engines prioritize results based on the geographic area indicated by your site. With the extension .com or .org, the search engine will look for the server’s IP address to determine its location. It will use this criterion for ranking your site depending on location.

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The importance of SEO for small businesses

Small businesses are nothing compared to what they used to be in the recent past as the Internet has revolutionized how small business owners conduct their business. It would be very hard to succeed by using the methods of twenty years ago, even ten years ago or less, as every aspect from running the accounting, showcasing the business, getting customers, etc, has radically changed in a short time period.

Nowadays a large portion of small business operations and marketing campaigns are done online. Of course every small business needs a website hosted at a solid hosting company, but this is just the first step as far as marketing is concerned. The second step which is much harder to implement is to get a consistent flow of visitors to their website.

Getting traffic, in other words visitors to their site can make or break a business. As many of these online businesses offer the same type of standardized service such as a plumber, a lawyer, an accountant or a carpet cleaner, one of the key for the success of an online business is to master traffic getting from online sources. As many of the service offers are quite similar to each other, the company winning a specific deal could be the one a potential buyer sees first on the Web.

What is online traffic?

Most online business owners understand the above principle about getting visitors to their website. There are a few powerful ways to get these visitors. Below is a list of the main channels to get online traffic for a small business:

  1. paid advertisement (google adwords, facebook ads, …)
  2. social traffic (facebook fans, twitter followers,…)
  3. email marketing
  4. video marketing
  5. organic traffic
  6. google maps

Every business owner will have his preference when it comes to his favorite traffic source, but let’s first comment briefly on the six sources of traffic just mentioned above.

Paid ads are paid of course, i.e. there is a cost attached to each visitor, and it can be high in some niches like the legal niche. Social traffic will require a social media manager just to constantly create buzz about the business, and it can be hard to keep on buzzing about some vanilla businesses, such as accounting. Email marketing requires special skills and not all products are well adapted to it. It will not work for a plumber, will it? Likewise for video marketing.

This leaves us with number 5 and 6, organic traffic and google maps, which are applicable universally to almost any small business seeking online traffic.

google results

#5 organic traffic means to appear in google search results so that potential buyers can see the company at the top of the result page, click on the link and visit the website. #6 google maps is similar to organic results, except the business will appear in the google maps area on the google page, as a google my business result within the map.

How to appear at the top of organic results or google maps? This is the question every small business owner wants the answer to. And the answer is that it is achieved using search engine optimization techniques, also called in short SEO.

What is SEO exactly?

Most small business owners have heard about SEO and some of them have even hired a SEO company to work on their marketing campaign in the past. But few of these business owners understand clearly what SEO is all about, or how well it works.

They somehow see the importance of SEO for their business, but many are not too sure about it.

The best way to think about SEO and its benefits is to get an idea of how much extra traffic a business could get by reaching the top 3 spots in google organic, or the top 3 spots in google maps, which is called the 3 pack, and is often the main visible part in google maps results.

It turns out in many cases an online business can double or even triple their online sales by consistently showing up at the top of the search results. The number one result in google results page gets more than ten times the number of clicks of the 10th result. People do not have the time to check lower results down to the 10th result. People do not like to check too many results, and they will just click on the first few results from google, or simply the first one sometimes.

So if an SEO company can help your website reach this top area on the google result page, as you can imagine your online sales will explode given the boost in traffic this will generate. This is why implementing the proper SEO strategy is so crucial for all small online businesses.

How can google maps help exactly?

google maps

What is newer in the field of search engine optimization is our #6 item: google maps.

Have you noticed that if you search for a pizzeria near you, you will see a map with the nearest restaurants offering pizzas? But if you search for other queries like “what time is it in New York now”, you will see no such map, just organic results.

This is because google will only display a local map when it is appropriate to do so, for example if you are looking for something that could be offered by a local business, like a restaurant, a hotel, a plumber, a car repair shop, etc. In other words google maps is nowadays the place users trust to find the local services or products they are looking for online. And this is what google is conditioning shoppers to expect to see when they want to make an online purchase.

So if your company does not show up prominently in google maps, as you can imagine your business will lose a ton of potential buyers eager to get your product. As a matter of fact this type of maps traffic is very “hot”, as these surfers have strong buyer-intent: they are likely to be really interested in purchasing a product very soon. They are the perfect type of visitors a business wants to attract.

This is why SEO applied to google maps is so important for small businesses.

How to rank in google

How to rank in google is a valuable skill of course given what we just explained earlier. SEO practitioners understand the complicated mathematical formulas and algorithms used by search engines. The expertise of these SEO experts involves optimizing websites in order to boost their search engine rankings.

It takes years for a SEO specialist to master such skills that they can later apply to the benefit of small businesses. As the search engines change their methodologies on a regular basis, they must always keep their knowledge updated in order to remain at the top of their game.

SEO can be very important to most small businesses, as it can multiply their sales significantly. As many surfers just click on the top results for a query with buyer intent like “plumber in West London”, a business able to rank at the top will get a ton of new visitors when surfers click on the first link they see.

Should a small business use a SEO company?

It is quite clear that SEO can play a fundamental part in the success of any small online business, be it by generating more organic traffic, or by producing new traffic from google maps where eager buyers are looking for an offer now.

Make sure to use a trusted SEO company that can deliver good results. SEO should be part of a long-term marketing strategy. It is not a gig done only once. It is part of a constant effort of optimization and maintenance of a business website.

Any small online business should hire a SEO service provider to bring their business to the next level. In a competitive online world, the business owners who understand the importance of SEO and know how to use it are the ones better armed to succeed on the Web.

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How To Get Visitors To Your Website

SEO services

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is basically a way to increase the number of visitors to your site by making modifications to your site structure and content. When properly executed, SEO can result in a large amount of free highly targeted traffic.

If the site in question is a niche site selling a product, the end result will be more sales. Or likewise if the website sells a service or infoproduct.

There are a few things that webmasters can do in the optimization process of their website. The following is a simple step by step guide for optimization of your site.

1. Develop an easy to decipher web structure

The structuring of your site has to allow a search engine spider or bot to follow all the internal and external links at the site. An optimizer must make sure that the coding allows for the site content to appear first.

This will make sure that bots place greater importance to the main subject of the site. A business person can do the coding himself, hire a developer or buy an already optimized website template.

2. Optimize the content

Content is the major part of the site and therefore has the highest relevance to the search engines and end users. Content optimization under SEO is done in the following ways:

  • Be true to your niche – Make sure that your content stays on the topic of the site. If your site is about your restaurant, do not deviate from the food topic. Highly relevant sites get higher rankings on search engines and better reviews by end users.
  • Proper content format – Format your content in such a way that headings and major points are highlighted. Spiders will be able to detect this and will assign a higher quality score to your site. At the same time, the end user will find your site easier to read, prompting more browsing or repeat visits.
  • Don’t worry about keyword density – This is the number of times your keyword (for example London SEO) appears relative to the total number of words on the entire page. In the past it was recommended for webmasters to have a density between (3-5) percent as higher percentages would cause the site to be flagged as spam or overoptimized.
  • Just be natural – Nowadays search engines algorithms use artificial intelligence and are much advanced in detecting attempts to manipulate them. So focus on providing great content to your readers and do not worry too much about counting keywords on your page.

3. Link baiting and link building

With link baiting, a webmaster develops tools like apps, games, interesting content that generate links to his site.

With link building, the webmaster links to sites that have more traffic than his. He also looks for ways that high quality sites can link to his site in their primary content. He can do this by using many ways. They include:
– Writing guest posts for these high quality sites with a link back to his site,
– Commenting on high traffic blogs related to his niche,
– Creating valuable content on his site that will attract visitors and some link to this quality content,
– Using citations, which are directories listing various businesses websites and addresses.

Link building is usually the hardest and most time consuming activity in Search Engine Optimization.

4. Having a social media strategy

This will involve creating a Facebook fan page, a twitter account, an Instagram account and many more.

This will help you connect with your visitors and potential clients, in getting more traffic and informing your loyal readers of changes to your site or product line.

SEO is hard work that can bear much fruit for a webmaster when executed properly and consistently, leading to better google rankings, more traffic to your site and ultimately more sales.

We offer consulting solutions not only to small businesses in the UK, but internationally as well with a focus on the English language, so mostly the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

We also help various international companies involved with e-commerce sites, affiliate sites, marketing distribution channels, paid advertising, video marketing and conversion optimization.

We can accommodate most budgets to design a campaign tailored to your requirements, define target queries and traffic sources, enhance rankings and increase visitors on a consistent time frame while increasing conversion rates and ROI.

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