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Here at comperio we are specialized in local SEO and most of our customers are local businesses. But what does local SEO mean exactly.

SEO as you know stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this is the science and art of getting visitors to your online business. This can be broken down into global SEO (for global brands like Apple that are present all over the world), national SEO (for national brands like a UK national dental company) and local SEO (for a plastic surgeon in Central London for example).

Local SEO is the service that let local customers find your local business. If someone based out of Manchester is looking for a barrister, he may type in google “best Manchester barrister”. If your business is exactly that, a barrister in Manchester, then you want to be found at the top of google when people seach for this query. This is local SEO and this is one of the services we offer.

We can rank your website at the top of page one on google if you are based in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bradford or Bristol.