How has the Pandemic Changed the Serviced Office Landscape

There’s no denying that the pandemic has changed us in so many ways and even changed how we work – not to mention where we work. For example, we have all become accustomed to working from home, whereas before, we were somewhat reluctant to try it out – but because of Covid-19, we had no choice!

But nowadays, things are going back to (almost) the way they were, and hybrid office work has become the norm. So, believe it or not, the pandemic has changed the service office landscape – and some would say it is even better than we knew it before. So what are the changes wrought by the pandemic for serviced offices, and why is it better? Here are the answers to your top questions.

Post-pandemic: where are we now?

Most everyone is already aware of what a serviced office is and what to expect from it. For instance, everyone knows that serviced offices can give you more freedom and flexibility than the usual office, and it offers a lot of conveniences because all you have to do, essentially, is move in and start working – and for a good look at some serviced offices near you, click here!

But it has become even better as we know it, come post-pandemic, and even if a majority of businesses have floundered since the pandemic began, those that have managed to stay afloat are turning more to the serviced office and the benefits it brings.

In fact, most businesses that have stayed afloat during the pandemic are flourishing, thanks to their adaptability to change and the fact that they have made use of the resources available – including the flexible workspace. More businesses are retaining the hybrid office, where employees spend half their work week at home and half in an office.

The big trend today is how people have grown used to working from home and how those who have to work in an office have transformed this setting into a cosier and comfier place – where they can both relax and be productive at the same time.

More office spaces are leaning towards motivating and inspiring employees, and gone are the boring and staid offices of old – they are now increasingly replaced with modern buildings with large glass and picture windows, with more dedicated spaces for relaxing, taking a break, and networking. In addition, communal areas are a big trend, where people can be themselves and be at ease whilst taking a break or a meal.

A whole new clean space that’s just for you

Today, serviced offices are the ‘in’ thing. In other words, they are more in demand than ever. What most people like in a serviced office is the cleanliness aspect – since a serviced office can come with a cleaning and maintenance service, this significantly boosts employee morale.

The services provided by serviced offices mean cleaning and maintenance need not be a concern – all you have to do is ask the serviced office provider to do it, and they will do it, often for a minimal fee. The surfaces will be scrubbed and cleaned, and sanitation won’t be an issue.

Another aspect that makes serviced offices more popular is the air conditioning. Since most serviced offices have ready AC, the air flows more efficiently, and impurities are filtered out.

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