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Here at comperio we have been using various webhosting companies over the past ten years. In total we tested over 40 different web hosting service providers and we are currently using about 30 of them.

We have employed so many hosts over time both for our own portfolio of websites and for some of our clients. Webhosting is an integral part of SEO work and the servers where your website is hosted will have a direct effect on your website’s performance and long-term efficiency.

Speed, downtime, support, server maintenance, security and risk of hacking, backup options, addon services, hosting options, data centers and user-friendliness of the front-end are just some of the elements to take into consideration when deciding which host to pick. As we have been running websites for more than a decade by now, we have seen our fair share of what can go right and what can go wrong as far as hosting services are concerned.

This is why we have decided to share our knowledge and experience with you. When we started we had no idea there could be so much difference from one hosting company to the next. No, web hosting companies are not made equal and it is crucial to only choose one of the best providers for a succesful online business to thrive.

We only recommend the cream of the cream but we will be reviewing here the main organizations so that you can save time and know what to expect before you decide how and where to host your website. If you run an online business you should not have to worry if your site is safely hosted or not. Only rely on trustworthy reliable webhosting service providers for this decisive function.