SEO and online marketing

Comperio Ltd is a digital company specialized in Internet marketing, search engine optimization and client consulting. Our goal is to share our expertise of the Internet to help small and medium size businesses grow their presence on the Web.

In this modern day and age, businesses need not only a well designed website, but more importantly a strategy to gain a leading position and a remarkable reputation online. This is where our company takes action, to bring you the success and recognition you deserve.

We can advise you with design, audit, paid and organic traffic management, video marketing, local and mobile marketing, outreach and expansion planning.

Comperio Ltd was founded by Olivier Nimeskern, Ph.D. Olivier has a doctorate from Columbia University where his research focused on mathematical and computer science modeling. While immersed in this elite research group, he became more and more intrigued with the Internet and its behavior.

From this enlightening journey was born Comperio Ltd, a leader in advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Comperio is a latin word meaning “learn/discover/find (by investigation); verify/know for certain“. And this is exactly what SEO is all about, keeping updated on the latest techniques to better understand and use search engines.